The Trek

Here we come, Kentucky.
My family and I are making a trek to Lexington, Kentucky.

Day 1- No casualties... Yet. My bro made some glances at me that made me think he was getting shifty but I think all is well in this clan so far.

I'm very happy in making the choice to come and spend this time to make one last endeavor with my family -whom I love to no end- instead of going to conference. Although it turned out that I couldn't with the whole ordeal with my foot.

Anyway, just to keep you guys posted, everything is well. I will ask for prayer though tonight as I climb into the bed I have to share with my bro-bro. Pray he wouldn't beat me up in his sleep or kick me as hard as he kicks the soccer balls on the field. The past record has been clean but there are firsts for everything.... :)

Have a good night, my friends. Love somebody. Don't get nit-picky on details between each other. Love them for who they are and continue to grow in friendships. This is what I'm trying to do also.

Song of the Day: Born Again by Newsboys