It feels bittersweet to be writing this and feel as well rested as I am.

Bitter-Locked my keys in my truck prior to the track meet and couldn't manage to get at them before the meet.

Sweet-Locked my keys in my truck prior to the track meet and couldn't manage to get at them before the meet, so I proceeded to hang out with my very good camp friend Dwight for the afternoon and ended up seeing Snuffy, Grover, and their nephews.

Just to elaborate on how amazing it was to hang out with Dwight. Dude is like a big brother. Going around town just doing stuff with him and his friends, I was pretty happy with the day. Going to Officemax, Taco Bell, Wendys, and KFC was even fun. Especially in the summers, he's going to be one key person I miss this summer (one of many). He took a week of yard work on a who knows how many acre island and made it fun like. Runs to recycle bottles, hard earned "breaks" from working. It was an absolute honor to share a bunkbed with that gent. If anyone deserves a shout out from today, it is him. He is the guy that came and picked me up when I locked my keys in my truck. He also helped me change my tire this past summer when it got flat. He also gave me a place to stay over halloween weekend. Here's to you Dwight.

It was no doubt an eventful day.

In other news I'm loving the newspaper internship! Taking pictures, touching them up for the paper or slideshows online. I'm thinking the soonest my pictures will premiere in the paper will be next monday or wednesday. It's a good thing to do what I love for two weeks straight.

Taking pictures.

It's also a bad thing. Tonight I plan on ending my lazy streak and getting caught up on homework and all of that wonderful stuff associated with graduation and senior year. It's going to be a tough change.

I also want to take a blog paragraph to tell everybody at JHS (my high school for non-local readers) I miss em. Lots. Every class that I have people with and don't get to see em for two weeks. I miss you. Even teachers. It is by far one definite change in pace to not have everyone around me all day. Take care, I will see you in a little over a week.

This also goes to Echo Press staff (if any read this) Thank you for creating such a wonderful, welcoming work environment for me to come into. No doubt I love that. It is also a definite change in pace that I enjoy. It's great to be cube mates with the office "candy jar". Trust me Echo Press staff. You are all a fancy group of people. I don't mind coming to work in the mornings (granted as a photographer I can leave whenever to take pictures assuming a story is developing =D)

To Everyone, Thank You

Much Love
ø Connor ø