Chill Time

I'm going to second Connor's part of his last post when he said he's starting to get nervous for the end of school. Finals, grad parties, graduation ceremony. But I'm not dwelling on that right now.

At the present, I'm chilling with my aunt and two cousins in our hotel room. Watching soccer highlights from last year's World Cup, Twin's game tonight and lovely conversation. Needless to say, we are chilling. And I'm loving it.

So take some time to enjoy your family and do something fun to make a memory. Especially you seniors that leave next fall. Enjoy your family while you can. That's what I'm starting to learn.

One last thing. Verse of the day for my boot tomorrow: 1 Timothy 6:8 "If we have food and clothes, let us be content."

Song of the Day: Wonder of the World by Rush of Fools