Tonight is going to be another big post, hopefully because today is going to be a crazy day.

But I'm going to quick do this post cause it's been on my mind for a while.

I posted about my next oldest brother, now my next next oldest brother has one coming. I hope by getting these out I can come to grips with how much I am actually going to miss my brothers, which will be a tremendous.

Straight up, you scare me. It's scary to see someone so much like you because the whole time you're seeing that person you wonder. Am I someone they should really look up to. Am I good enough. I find myself over analyzing what I do. So I might be better. I even feel like I'm setting the bar too high, the whole time knowing and expecting you to jump over it with ease.

I suppose the reason I get annoyed with you is because you are so much like me. Everybody sees it. Everybody knows it. That's probably why you are one of my best friends. Probably why it's so common to find us hanging out playing video games, or rolling our eyes at the same thing. I could write on and on, but before I go off to camp. I'm gonna make time, we're gonna beat Army of Two: 40th Day. I'm going to promise you that right here and now in writing. So all our readers have to keep me to it. I am going to miss you like crazy when I'm gone.

This goes to you and all brothers, I'm going to miss you way too much in St. Paul.

Two brothers down, one to go. Your post will come before I leave, worry not.

Much Love

ø Connor ø