It's an early post from Connor!

For some reason I can't seem to post during the day, I get worried about vampires reading my posts, not right away? But that's beside the point.

I'm feelin the pressure shaker readers, for me, that's an odd thing. I'm writing a column for the paper I've been interning with and I can't nail it down. I can write blogs whenever I want. I can give my graduation speech in front of my class, parents, and friends (On June 13th that is). But for some odd reason this one is getting my goat.

I just can't do it.
According to Chiodos "All the world's a stage" and this is my first big taste of it. Unlike our blog to which our readers are amazing and the number of them remains anonymous, the paper. It's in every grocery store, every gas station, and in those dispensers where you put in a buck for one and people take like ...three.

I realize this blog is another short one kind of, but it's a jittery one. I gotta make my one time in print count. Then again hopefully it isn't just one time. If I could get together with the shakers and write a book. That would make me beyond happy.

" be in a relationship with God is to be loved purely and furiously. And a person who thinks himself unlovable cannot be in a relationship with God because he can't accept who God is; a Being that is love. We learn that we are lovable or unlovable from other people...That is why God tells us so many times to love each other."
Donald Miller

Much Love

ø Connor ø