Nap Time

When I was a kid I use to hate naps with a passion. The thought of sleeping, when there were so many adventures and games, angered me beyond belief. I would just lay down in my bed and make it my priority to not sleep just in spite of my parents. I sure showed them ;)

But as a kid I had nothing to worry about: no job, no financial burdens, no school worries. These things my not affect you right away but day after day they just continue to add more and more weight on to your shoulders. But I realized that if you lay down the weight no longer rests on your shoulders but on a comfy bed or couch. With all these hectic ideas flushing into my life I need some sort of get-away from reality. Those envious moments of rest allow your body and mind to recharge to take on each day with as much purpose as the next. So when you're feeling like life is just too much at the moment, turn off that phone, take those socks off, curl up with that homemade blanky and let your heavy eyelids droop down into sleep. Take a deserve it.