Guys and Gals
It's late
If you are actually awake to catch this posted somewhat live
You are beyond words

Today is another one of those days
I'm sure all of us have had those days, where its a turning point
Closing doors in the seemingly never ending hallway of life
Opening doors that lead to new hallways
New stories with new characters

If you were wondering as to why the sentimental intro
today will mark my last day at the grocery store where I work
I know there is a crowd in the audience, if you could please stand up
You know who you are, the group that is in their mind thinking
I've been there, I'm so excited for you to just get out of that job.
Okay you can sit back down
This one is going to be tough
No I may not be leaving permanently
It feels like Office Space slightly
Where you have a crew of people you love to be around and work with
while the system is slightly...."off"

I am in the process of leaving one of those workplaces

It was tough to leave officemax because we were such a tight knit team there
I'm actually starting to get deja vu
Let me ride this one out readers,
That eerie feeling where, "I've done this before, this is so familiar"

I suppose being the fan of shout outs I am
This is one
To all the people at Eldens that have worked with me
All the people that have made those long days bearable
and the long nights
To any customer that came through my line,
I hope I improved your day somehow
I tried

This is to all of the coworkers that I will get to see again,
because I want to
because you put a smile on my face
make my heart light
let me know that I'm worth spending time with

I've been talking about Donald Miller constantly
I want you all to know
You have added to my story
Playing as various characters
Heroes, Jesters, Princesses, Lifeguards, Friends
Helping to make some average guy's story a little more worth listening to

Readers, thank you for reading my shout outs, I hope to give you all the one you deserve
Everybody alive should have their name praised
If not for anything, let it be in celebration of their miraculous existence
To be born is a miracle in itself
Two humans to create another

So to all the readers,
Thank You

Also, Aunt Amanda this is a brief snippet of a shout out coming your way in the future
Thank you for reading
It means more than you know

It feels like a promotion from babysitter to somewhat author
But you gave me some amazing cousins
I would never say no if you wanted me to babysit them
The first cousins I knew personally and had the privilege of getting attached to
The first helper cousin that helped me pack for camp
The first baby cousin to fall asleep in my arms

Thank you.

Once more thank you readers
From myself and the other shakers

"Dying for something is easy because it is associated with glory. Living for something is the hard thing. Living for something extends beyond fashion, glory, or recognition. We live for what we believe."
Donald Miller

Much Love
ø Connor ø