Ooops (thanks Sam for integrating

Well I don’t really know how this is going to work. You see. I'm texting my post right now. Internet’s down in my house. It actually feels more natural seeing I can as text like a fiend on my phone. I swear on my storm I have at least 50 words per minute. Anyone that sees me text can vouch for me on that one. Apparently this is going to show up as like 50 posts. I will try to migrate them all to one post. Or hopefully another shaker will help me with that one. I suppose this is the best place to share everything that has been happening in the past couple days. I got through the audition process and now have the privilege of speaking at my high school graduation :). I will obviously post the speech after I give it. Got into a big argument about money today. Hated that. Hate money actually. It’s needed I suppose to establish value and such but wow is it a hassle. Other than that I have been loving may term/ my internship. The newspaper is crazy. I love how each day has been different and I get to do what I love. Take pictures! All around with cameras I can't even dream about. It’s absolutely amazing. I suppose I should try to wrap this up eventually because this is going to end up being like 20 posts because text blogging isn't the same. disappointing. Thank you for your patience shaker readers and have a wonderful night and evening and morning and the whole she bang. I will return with a weekly challenge next Sunday. Continue having a great week and gear up for a better one next week.

Much Love
ø Connor ø