Gentlemen Lesson #3

What's going on with me? I haven't had a gentlemen's lesson since forever! It must be the crazy weather we've been having. Snow, rain, 80 degree weather, all in the last month.

Ok gentlemen, it's time to step up your game and 'wow' everyone out there. This lesson is focusing on giving up your seat when someone is looking for a seat or who looks uncomfortable standing up. I know this is going to take some sacrafice--standing on your own two feet for who knows how long! It can really take a toll on you. Of course I'm kidding! Partake in a little physical activity and let someone else enjoy the relaxation of sitting down on a comfy chair or couch.

There are some situations where you should not give up your seat, however. Let's say you're having a conversation with someone on a couch. Don't give up your seat and be rude to the other person who you were just talking to.

Once you have given up your seat try to act as cool and comfortable as possible. If you look awkward and uneasy people will notice since you have now become the center of attenion. Make it seem like you actually enjoy standing (even if you don't). Lean up against a pole or wall, talk with other standers, start an aerobic exercise, whatever it takes to remind other people in the room that you have no objection to standing.

I garauntee that your good deed will not go unnoticed. No one will probably ever say it to your face but everyone in the room will be thinking how nice and considerent you are for standing. This is especially true when giving up your seat to a grandparent. They'll go up to your parents and tell them how you are such a nice young man. They might even give you a quarter. A WHOLE QUARTER!!! So keep your eyes open for the opportunities, keep your legs in shape, and stand.