Master of Emotions

I don't think I've written for a while because I'm getting a little lazy. Hahaha when I saw Connor's last post I was like, "Holy crap... It's so long." hahaha

But anyway, I've been trying to make the best out of the situations I'm placed in. For example, I'm getting really anxious about leaving for college. But I'm feeling the need to try and pick out what I love about the present instead of complaining about the stuff I don't like. I think this is what God is telling us about when He told us we can live life to the fullest if we stick with Him (see John 10:10).

He wants us to experience all of these emotions that He has created in us. Sad, happy, angry, confused, helpless, joy, being content. Once we have experienced them, we can learn how to deal with them. Once we learn to deal with them, we master them (with the help of God of course). It's at that point where we can truly experience all life has for us.

I'm not saying I'm at that point at all. I'm just thinking out loud and trying to understand stuff with you.

Song of the Day: Like It, Love It, Need It by dc Talk