Staff celebration just concluded

I suppose I need to explain myself and my absence for the past while.

Last week was crazy, I was privileged to work with some amazing Servant Eventers from West St. Paul. Cleaning with them and destroying with them was too awesome. We got to clean up from the tornado damage in Wadena. Overall it was a wonderful experience. (I sound kind of hippie now)

Staff celebration weekend!!! Was outstanding, getting to connect with these people that I have come to know as family. Sorry I am so scatterbrained, everything is happening at once. I have horse campers at the moment now and...oh yeah! My parents stopped by with my brothers!!

That made my summer up to this far. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers as the move is going forward.

AHH. It's hard to voice my mind when so much is running around in my mind.

I finished reading "To Own a Dragon" by Donald Miller


He talked about how God is our "True Heavenly Father" and a role model for earthly fathers. So true. So inspiring, especially as a person in a role model position at camp. Wow and my thoughts are way too incoherent to put into post form.

Thought of the day: Our earthly fathers do things to make us happy, through that they are happy. So then wouldn't God our Heavenly Father do things to make us happy, like providing a beautiful sunset, or a good time with friends.

Much Love

ø Connor ø