It's been a while again I realize.

We have a weekend off! As a majority of a staff we are heading to Valley Fair and kickin it together. I can honestly say now that I know these people, I love these people. It's a true community/family. We struggle together, we prosper together, we get on each others nerves, we give each other joy beyond belief. You get the picture.

I was playing guitar this morning, my journey in learning this beautiful instrument has been fast and furious. I can now strum and change between: C, D, Em, G, A. So now that you all know that. (as if you needed to) it comes to the main part of the story. I played in front of all the campers and their families at closing chapel service....alone. Typically I have a safety net for guitar in my good friend Tuxie, she had kitchen duty :(. I find humor in this and I bet God did too. As I was playing the song "Humble Thyself" it seemed to be the message I needed. The prior night I was exclaiming how fun guitar was and how fast I was picking it up, forgetting my original intention: To glorify God.

After that mishap I was sure to remember who gets the glory.

Also I'm going to be a little selfish and do a public anonymous apology. Selfish because apologies are for both parties, but for the offending party it lifts a weight off their shoulders. My other shakers haven't been posting (I'm sure you all noticed) since my refresh series. It was wrong in a sense to voice my thoughts and opinions in that matter no doubt. I will also take the precaution in saying that apologizing for opinions is wrong, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, it's with who the opinion affects and how the opinion is expressed is the wrong thing. Also on that note, I tried to let it pass and remind myself that I cannot see the intentions in anyone's heart. I don't know what drives people. That's only for God to know.

I am sorry.

It gets difficult to have relationships at times because as sinful beings we are broken, our relationships will reflect that because without God we cannot perfectly love or do anything. It's up to Him as to what happens and up to us whether we continue asking Him what to do or go on our own human understanding. (Humans don't understand all)

With that I might be leaving you for a day or so.

Thank you for sticking with us readers, this summer is a trying one on me and I'm sure my other shakers. Keep us in your prayers as we shall keep you in ours.

P.S. I love and miss my family beyond belief, but camp is treating me way too nice. God is amazing. (that's a huge understatement.)

Much love
ø Connor ø