Today marks the finish of staff training!
It's a good feeling to be kickin back with the staff watchin a movie in celebration. Although I wasn't there there the whole time. I feel like a part of the family.

I could actually rave on and on about this community of people.

Saturday we took a field trip to a different camp just outside of motley. Mostly for their high ropes and zipline. After that. it's hard to describe it. Like it all just feels so.



Like. I'm still a little outta whack from leaving Alex for a bit. I made it into a good family.

I suppose the only apprehension I have is just being the best I can for the kids. It sounds beyond corny but I really want to be a good role model and positive impact. Like more than anything.

Kids matter way to much.

This ones gonna be a hard one to summarize.

Basically. Find the best community you can of people. Bond with them. Love them. Take care of them.

If you are around kids. Don't be dumb. They take in EVERYTHING you do. So when you are on the biggest stage as a role model for some youth. Don't abuse it.

also. I miss you readers. I haven't talked to you in writing form in a while. I hope you all take care.

Much love

ø Connor ø