Wow. So much in my head right now. Let's organize in print.

Camp is treating me amazingly nice. I cannot get over how much I love my "job". I say job with quotes because its a sacrifice I love. Its knowing that things will be hard. Knowing that its worth it. Leading bible studies and watching their faces glow. Learning about their all powerful and glorious Creator.

I love what I do.

I also have been uber blessed. This staff. I have been raving about for so long refuses to decline in amazing Ness. At the same time I miss everyone. Such a pendulum of loving every second I'm living. And missing every second lost with the others you love.

I saw my brother liked my Facebook status.

I also nearly cried because he wasn't right there for me to hug. To give a loving punch on the arm. He knows.

I also want to pump up our guys staff this summer. Its amazing to be along for the ride with such an amazing crew. open. Receptive. Eager.

I never want to lose that eagerness to work with children

Readers. Don't let me.

Not that the ladies staff is bad. By no means. I just spend more time with the gents and we go through the same experiences.

Also I want another shout out. I'm going to miss my family so much. It seems like after this weekend. I'm cuttin the leash. I know its far from it. But that's what it feels like.

I'm also a little nervous about graduation. To be frank. And excited. And feeling bad. That empty year book isn't instantly gratifying until you have the matching diploma.

Much love

ø Connor ø