The Glory of It All

As you can tell by "song of the day" choices that I love David Crowder. It's true.

Anyway, life is so great for me. The World Cup started today! I love it. One month of pure soccer. God is good. My recap of today (and I think I'm going to recap every day for the month on how each day went and how I felt about it) :

The opening match was South Africa vs. Mexico. I wanted South Africa to win cause you've gotta rep the host country, especially since it's South Africa. But it ended up in a tie 1-1, with no overtime because it's just group play. No overtime until they get out of group play.

The second game I was a little more torn on. It was France vs. Uruguay. I love Thierry Henry of France but not too many others so I ended up cheering for Uruguay and Henry. Anyway, that also ended in a tie, except this one 0-0.

I really don't like games ending in a tie, but overall, this was a great kick-off to the World Cup. Go Spain and U.S.

Keep it real, and if you live in Alex, go to McDonald's North to check out our shake day picture. I guess it's next to the pop machine. I, myself, have yet to see it so lemme know if it looks cool.

Song of the Day: The Glory of It All by David Crowder*Band