Departure (Staff)

My room is a mess.

I haven't studied enough. (but I will start soon) =D

I have no clue what to and not to pack for this summer and fall.

Everything is a good mess.

Now is where I should begin the real content of this post.

You see this one is going to be difficult, I'm shooting at a "yearbook" entry for everyone I can handle because I won't be in school Friday. I love LIC too much and District 206 has kept me from my commitment to Camp and my fellow staff. I miss them too.

Ok, first is first. Teachers

I don't think I could name names throughout this whole process, hopefully I can be vaguely accurate to where they forward it to each other. I had the privilege in my past three years to have absolutely wonderful educators in charge of my future. All the way from a math teacher that saw me struggle with Algebra II and helped as well as made it a point I establish good study habits. Thank you. I had a ridiculously amazing Spanish teacher, I still know much of that knowledge, still call her senora (sorry no tilde), even had prob and stats with her the next year. I mean really, Que quieres que haga? Even my english teachers, I was blessed to have such amazing teachers that showed me that the rules are great, but so is good writing and sometimes you need to break the rules. I had the most supportive Public Speaking teacher I could have asked for, she helped me develop my speech that I'm going to be giving on the 13th, and I will admit I'm feeling butterflies, but we both know I can do it. I had a science teacher that saw and knew my potential and spent a good portion of the year dragging it out of me. I had a crazy Pre-Calc teacher that taught a little more than just math, he taught about class, and being classy. Not to mention we have a ridiculous amazing guidance counselor/ high jump coach.

Oh dear, to the reader from a different school district I'm sorry. I just have amazing staff at my school.

My advisor gets a section all her own. She's phenomenal. I can't believe it's already graduation and I can't believe I'm speaking. Thank you for all the proof readings, and organizing SLAM!'s big hoorah at the end of the year. It was a pleasure to be a part of that, and helping so many preteens.

I think I have a couple more in me. One shout out has to go to a middle school teacher who I was privileged enough to visit her room and talk about PSI and have fun with the kids. Just so you know, PSI was one of the major reasons I joined SLAM! I also have to throw one out there to my weightroom teacher/coach. I think we both know that I didn't come around until this year, if you didn't know already. You are a ridiculous guy. It was a blast in track and in weights. (If I had motivation for football, that might have been sweet too). There was also a guy in my school, his room was like a whole in the wall, he ignited my passion for photography and photoshop. That was crazy. As well as just today, I have never sang in choir, but the choir teacher knows me, is nice to me, and lets me play piano. Also I had a crazy Econ teacher who I still believe knows how to say "coke" the right way....I heard you on the track bus.

If I remember any more teachers I will be sure to update this.

Thank you so much for your time, commitment, and dedication. I think we all know the job has it's perks and downsides, but you all stick it through day in and day out. I want a special shout out to all the office staff, guidance, athletics, main office. I have yet to be scared to go into an office. Actually, sometimes I just go there to talk.

I know this may seem like horrid grammar and phrasing, but it's hard to find the right words for thank you's.

Much Love

ø Connor ø