Its been awhile. I have been busy this week no doubt.

This week I am blessed with an amazing group of people from St. Paul for the servant event.

I'm going to be honest. (Readers like it I hear, this honesty thing)

I was beat. Exhausted. Tired. You name it.

Somehow without fail God manages to give us energy or whatever we need. Right when we need it.

Learning guitar is still going well.

Reading " to own a dragon" by Donald Miller as well as having conversations with our local creation science dude is blessing me so greatly.

Just after father's day it hits me how tremendous of a calling that being a father is. Donald talked through a friend as to how miraculous being a father is. Loving someone instantly from birth. Not needing them to earn it or anything of the sort. I have that from my pops and he got me around 8. Let alone we all have that from God and we are all born into sin. He loves us no matter what.
Big deal I know. Most of us knew that from Sunday school. But on the real.

before we were born. He loved us unconditionally. He sent his only real son even though we defied Him. I heard all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God somewhere. But He still sent his only Son for us.


Much Love

ø Connor ø