Refresh (part 1)

How to update you all entirely.

Two posts!

First one commence

Camp is treating me amazing. I would also like to informally thank everyone for making graduation awesome. My speech felt great despite crazy nerves.

I also wanna plug the Droid. Sickest phone ever.

I suppose this one is going to be an honest post. One where spoken words evade me.

To my other shaker. I'm sorry again. I cannot. Find what to say to you. I don't want to be a judgemental hypocrite. I can just voice my thoughts.

I disagree with FCA. That's a good start. Putting oneself on a pedestal based on beliefs. Hardly humbling. There is little outreach and even less inclusion. It doesn't demonstrate any values Jesus laid down. "The least of these..." etc.

He didn't want us to make a big deal of ourselves.

I realize my opinions in this particular post may decrease my popularity. But it has been bugging me.

I also don't think you make a big stand by sitting out on dances because of "grinding" or rule out classes because they may be "challenging"  (speaking of a philosophy class)

See things like that and other reasons to grab attention (which we all love) and then plastering God's name on it to seemingly increase the value of said attention. Oy

God is not a vacuum cleaner. "Selling" Him can only get so far. Jesus presented us with a lifestyle. Not a cure all that you peddle to people. He gave us a clean slate free of charge in exchange that we spread His name through the love and grace of our actions. Not our sales pitch.

I realize the great hypocracy here. Which again is why I could never organize the words without writing them.

I'm sorry.

Much love

ø Connor ø