Refresh (part 2)

Well if anybody was wondering. My cabin is having an army worm Olympics.


Also I had another of those moments where God answers a prayer. Not how you want it or anything. Perfect.

But you can't argue with your Creator it doesn't work like that.

What answered it ended up being Blue Like Jazz.

Don talked about metaphors. The ones we use for things like cancer and relationships. We always battle cancer. We value people. Thinking about love like currency is wrong.

I was wrong.

Part one of this series was accurate to how I felt about the situation. Raw. How writing should be. It was my honest gut. Looking back a lot can be taken from the post. Whether you want to trust my perceptions is up to you.

I was looking at the wrong solution. I was making love a money thing. Saying the relationship was worth less because of a disagreement. No matter how big or offended I got. I needed to remember one thing.

God's love transcends all grudges and divisions our sin makes.

The real solution was to pour on love.

In extreme amounts

So at the end of this two day  journey I took a lot away. As for the readers and everyone else. I hope and pray you apply This lesson to conflicts. And when the problems arise. Embrace them. Jesus did promise them.

Much love
ø Connor ø