Departure (students)

This is definitely a post from my phone at camp. I love it here. This place. If I haven't told you already. Its wonderful. The staff is amazing. I cannot express my excitement for man time in the guys village. I'm absolutely thrilled to be here. I already have stories that I will update you with tomorrow on a computer.

This post is for my classmates, peers, and friends. I'm sorry. I hate goodbyes. I didn't sign a single yearbook. I didn't have anybody sign mine. I would gladly sign one but that means closure. I hate closure. High school friends shouldn't be a story with an end. The worst part is.

I have so much to write. It would kill me to gradually sign away my friends as if to say see ya. Each word another inch apart we would grow over time. All I want to do is make them smile. My friends and classmates that is. Even if its a fake one. I want them to escape the bleak reality that is graduation. It means promise and hopes of a good future no doubt. Even more. It means a book being finished. Epilogue is done with and its off to be printed and sit in a library. Begging to be read.

I want to live this story for longer. I want to be with those people for longer than a day. I'm sorry to all of you. I'm so selfish with goodbyes because I hate them so much.

I know I'm in a better place and the only way I would change it would be for the chance to bring everyone here. To see this island I have come to love so much. This island represents a story that never has to end. Chapters just keep getting added.

One last apology. Because I am truly sorry. You all deserved better. I want to tell you all how amazing you are and how I have come to know and appreciate you all for everything.

I cannot wait to see you Tuesday and tell you of my tales at this island.

Have a great last day class of 2010. I miss you and hope you trust that I love where I am at.

Much love

ø Connor ø