Today marks a first.

First day in the process of learning guitar.

Ask any guitarist and I'm sure they will talk about how much their fingers hurt. Including my fellow shakers. One who is a skilled guitarist. The other owns a guitar (I'm not sure as to the extent of his experience. So lets assume he's like a guy from dragonforce)

It hurts.

Enough complaining.  Those posts aren't fun to write.

I had special needs campers this weekend. I loved it. They are so content with everything that's given to them ( for the most part =) they still have such an innocence about them.

Actually one of the best moments was when one of them tooted particularly loud during singing and campfire. I broke down laughing and stopped when he looked at me. Upon exchanging glances we both knew that fart was hilarious.

A camp counselor and his sonshine camper almost in tears. We got the awkward look from onlookers and loved it.

The craziest thing is that I get paid.

I realize my continual reminders as to me loving my job and where God has me must be getting old. I'm gonna work on it.

Much love

ø Connor ø