I missed you all yesterday.

Sorry for my absence. My uncle is in town so I donated my room for his benefit. Trust me he's a legit guy and its been ages since we've seen each other.

Main point of focus right now is the shock that I actually got what I wanted. To work overnights. Wow. I went to work for the time I thought I was scheduled...turns out i was 6 hours early. Yup. I went back home and took a hearty nap for about 3 hours or so. I really thought about this one while I was laying there before and after the eyes were shut.

How often do you have a bad day?

Be honest now. Are you in one of those grooves where nothing will ever go right and you can't find a good thing to think about? I don't mean to gloat here but...

I can't remember my last bad day.

Truly bad day. Like the one where someone apparently pees in your cornflakes. (I've heard that saying so many times...but has it ever really happened?) Doubtful. I've had bad moments, no doubt. Snap I dropped my camera this week and broke the lens *cringe* I should tend to that at some point soon. I have a prom coming up a week from saturday, but there will be another post about that soon or something like it. The big thing that hit me as I was walking down the stairs to write this was: Make bad moments just that. (Confusing huh? I was aiming at a philosophical theme) Think about it further. Make those moments just moments, that brief half hour or even instant where you see you camera hit the ground (sorry I'm really missing taking pictures). After that moment.

Drop it. Move on. Smile about it. No matter how grim. Even with something serious like a death. Reflect on the good things about it. Anything it takes to cope with that one lousy moment. Because is it really worth wasting 24 hours to have one bad day. Once its gone its gone. (Even Jack Bauer smiles, and his days are dreadful from what I hear)

Basically the rant is close to being wrapped up because I'm due for either
a)Another Nap before work
b)A blizzard, I've been craving one terribly recently

If you were wondering it will probably be a snickers or oreo blizzard. There is simply nothing better in the form of frozen treat.

(picture is of me playing in snow with my brothers, sometimes I miss the snow)

ø Connor ø