Adventures past comprehension

Blogging, despite how little I've done it, is difficult. We need topics that are interesting, worth reading and often I find myself going through my day searching for that moment. Ironically that moment came to me mere minutes ago. A girl I had seen before at my grocery store had strolled in except this time with a longboard in hand and went on about her shopping. Moments passed and she was done. I sat and admired how she looked so comfortable rockin her long green skirt with a shorter blue dress (or blouse, I am foreign to these terms) over it. Having talked to her before when she came in I struck up minor conversation and it ended with longboarding. Surprisingly enough she agreed to longboard with me (I just saw it as a joke in passing) Looking for my supervisor I asked to leave ten minutes early to which he agreed.

Moving on to the boarding part, nobody cares too much about the set-up. She was AWESOME, now I don't use caps often but she was deemed caps lock worthy. Conversation went from light to dark like the passing streetlights guiding this journey. Its hard to put mere words to a person, in short I was amazed at how open she was with this guy from the grocery store and how much has happened in her life. Such an impression she left on me. Her views on how her fellow women should be dressing more modestly, attitude about going to California with 200 dollars and coming back with nothing to show for it, everything. One of the last questions I had for her was "looking back, what would you change about your childhood?" Her reply was simply "money, we place too much of a value on money and it tears things apart, families, dreams, friends. Its such a horrible necessity in our society today." Growing up her parents had been divorced and were constantly down on their luck, but in front of me was not a girl that felt like she deserved an IOU from God. She was living the dream. Loving life. Turning breadcrumbs into a feast. As our journey closed up, I could feel nothing but joy.

There are truly people out there in this world that love. What they love is their own; Friends, Family, God, and anything else they deem lovable. It just goes to show, how you approach things can make all the difference, and some random guys night.

Can you make someones day
Can you be the difference
Its worth a try
ø Connor ø


Sarah said...

Great Post Connor! that is so cool!