Gentlemen Lesson #2

Hey guys, take out those pencils and paper cause it's time for another gentlemen lesson. I hope last lesson encouraged you to hold that door open just a little longer but now it's time to move on to a new topic.

Senioritis has already plagued myself so this lesson it going to be very difficult for me. A sure way to get a "thank you" is to pick up some one's dropped item. Whether that be a pen, a notebook, an assortment of jellybeans, or even the person them self. I know the last thing you want to do is bend over 3 feet and pick up an object that's not yours but you'll be surprised by the positive reactions.

Let's say you're in a crowded hallway and someone drops a folder containing hundreds of pieces of paper. Don't just walk by and stare at them. You should be right by that person's side before the paper even hits the ground! We've all been embarrassed by dropping something (Connor and his camera) and knowing that everyone is watching us makes the situation 10 times worse. So by helping that person it shows that you're looking out for them. I can assure you that your kindness and thoughtfulness will diminish their embarrassment as if it never happened.

How many times have we seen a book slip off a desk and not helped? How many times have we seen a friend slip and not be there to help? When will we start lifting them up? It's time we start treating everyone with the dignity and respect they deserve. It all starts with a gesture. "And if we do these things the whole human family is going to live in peace."
(Quote from retired priest: Father Al)


Sarah said...

Great Post Joe ;) Im really enjoying ur lessons :)