Pizza, Pain, and Pokemon

With my mouth currently full of pizza (Jack's Pepperoni Frozen to be specific) I will not be able to do the Morgan Freeman narration while you are reading this. My apologies. Today I finally saw our fourth guy of the shakers, oddly enough on roller blades. We will continue to pester him until he finally turns on his computer (indeed its still in the off position). Still recovering from yesterdays longboard fall and not loving any second of it. Had the privilege of playing Ultimate Frisbee with Sam today and enjoyed that until I bumped a scrape or bruise against a fellow competitor. Currently the thing on my mind is women (typical guy right?). Moreso the mistreatment of them, not just abuse and such because that is something entirely intolerable, but also the monotony. So many of us (I'm unsure why I say us) find a routine and lose that sense of passion, the sense of dare I say it? Love. It may be a teen-young adult thing but it seems like less and less women are getting swept off their feet. (granted again there are amazing gentlemen out there proud to hold the title of gentleman) I also am opposed to myself getting married and settling down (marriage rocks for those who plan upon it and are married) (I use a lot of parentheses) My take of it is merely from the lack of confidence that I have what it takes to fulfill my high standards that I set. Father, Husband, Brother, Son, Cousin, Friend. Lots of titles to keep. Sorry guys/gals, that was my rant for the night, even at that an incomplete one.

Challenge for this oncoming week: Do something to make someones day: tell a joke, open a door, buy a candy bar....ANYTHING, just make that difference be that change. Actions speak thousands times louder than words.

Much love
ø Connor ø