Pounding, its what my head is doing, but ignore that now. I have 4 (or more) dedicated readers to please with my blog posts =D.

First things first, My camera lens broke today...disappointing.

Okay now I'm over it. Material possessions are trumped constantly by the amazing people that I get to live life with everyday. This is a post thanking them. Without them I would be constantly looking for a group of comrades to adventure with me.

My co-writers of this blog. It took me darn near 12 years to find a solid group of friends (no doubt I'm still on good terms with friends of the past). You guys with each quirk and high tolerance of Connor nonsense make everyday brighter. I can't bring myself to not smile around you guys. Thank you so much.

Those people I encounter daily at school and work that brighten each day of mine whether it be by letting me goof off until they smile, or making me smile first. I couldn't name names because this blog post would be never ending. I love spending each hour of each day in school with you people. You all know who you are.

My Parents, things are constantly ridiculous especially with me as a kid. Running around at the wee hours of the morning, track, working, morphing, all of it. I couldn't make it without them. Helping me financially. With life stuff. Making sure not to answer their phones =D, but I still love them nonetheless. I can't thank you enough daily for all the support they give me in anything and everything (legal) I do. Thank you!

I don't know if I will ever have a finally segment to people I thank. Life is so...trivial when you live only for yourself. This kind of gratitude should be given to everyone. Frequently. Making someone smile is the single greatest thing you can do for a person (in my mind at least).

Smiles mean something, they are contagious. Infect the local population with smiles. It brings you closer to the person, to their heart. When someone is smiling, they reflect their innermost self. Nothing being held back.

All of this being said with regards to genuine smiles. No fakers allowed, the real smile will emerge.

Of course lastly (and firstly too) I must thank God, He blessed me with every single individual of these people in my life. (Granted if you don't believe in God, you were somehow put in my life and I do indeed love every interaction with you.) He blessed me with these hands to write this blog as we read. (or is it as we speak?)

Continue on with the goal this week guys, its almost Sunday (not quite)


Sarah said...

I love reading your guyses posts, they're such an encouragement. Great post Connor!

Andra said...

You always make me smile. Even when I'm not answering my phone. :) Love you, Connor. ~Mom