Gentleman Lesson #1

As Connor mentioned in his last post--it's a rare sight to see a male be respectable and kind towards a random female. So I think this blog will become a textbook for the basics of becoming a "gentleman". Not very many hold this title so hopefully many of us will learn the secret ways of the gentlemen (including myself).
This lesson will focus on the concept of holding a door open. Sounds simple enough but how many times do we open a door and not glance behind us to see if someone is behind us? We might hold the door open a couple of times, just to cover the guilt, but why don't we try and hold the door open every time we see someone within reasonable distance to the door. You could even take it one step farther and open the door and let the other human walk through before yourself! If they take it upon themselves to say "thank you" don't just stand there like an idiot! Stand there like an idiot and respond to their words :) Say "your welcome" or "no problem". Who knows, this could even start up a conversation!!! But we'll work on conversations another day.
We are always looking for a big moment that we can use to impress others, but most of the time it's the simplest moments that can turn some one's day around. Take advantage of those moments. Keep those doors open as well as your hearts and respect all those around you. Also remember that as we try to become better people and live out God's word than hopefully one day He will open his doors and let us walk through to a place of unimaginable peace and happiness!


Sarah said...

Love this! And its so true, i can honestly tell you that it totally makes my day whenever someone holds the door open for me! Here's a story though guys. One time i went to the post office and this gentleman held the door open for me I thanked him and i was quite pleased by the incident. The lady behind me however didnt quite feel the same way. She literally went on for 10 minutes about how women are perfectly capable of holding the door open for themselves and womens rights, and how chivalry was dead for a reason and that you shouldnt treat women like they're weaker. When she was finished the boy apologized humbly and said he was only trying to be kind. I told him afterwards that i really appreciated it. So boys dont be disheartened on your quest to be a gentleman you may encounter some women who dont appreciate your kind intentions but there are so many of us who will!