Manure Man!

Most of us would do just about anything to not be caught by the cops. Whether that be running for your life, bribing the cops with money and chocolate, or keeping a litter of puppies hostage while demanding your freedom. However, none of those compare to what Thomas Hovis did while eluding from police. The suspect was wanted for drug charges and he had previously spent 15 years in prison for murder.
The police knew that Thomas was trapped inside of his barn but when they entered they were dismayed at his nonexistence. Turns out all they had to do was follow the smell. They looked down into a vat where liquid fecal matter was collected and saw the top of Mr. Hovis' head. By fecal matter I simply mean "POOP"! I'm not talking about a little turd somewhere on a farm. I'm talking about an industrial sized container of liquid poop.
Unlike others, I admire Mr. Hovis. If he is willing to be covered head to toe in poop than I think we should just let him run free :). So if your day is feeling a bit crappy just think of Thomas Hovis and hopefully a smile will spread across your face.