this is my first time blogging... it feels.... tingly.. anyway, my name is sam. i'm one of the four-some here on this blog. first thing you need to know about me is i'm a Christ-follower, not a Christian by today's standards. but a straight-up, Bible following, devil-rejecting Christ-follower. a lot of my posts will prolly deal with matters of the such, not all of them though.

my interests include soccer, playing guitar, hanging with friends drinking shakes, yelling "SHAKE DAY!!!" in the pool, and smiling at people while holding a door open for them.

my thought of the day came to me while i was at a service called The Point. we were singing a song. the lyric went like this, "I'd run a thousand years just to know I was getting closer to You." the You is in reference to God and that just made me think, is that really how i'm living my life? that i would run for a thousand years just to know i was only getting closer. very challenging for me. so let it be for you. keep it real.