I had the privilege to see pastor Rob Bell when he was on his "Drops Like Stars" tour just over a year ago, even got a picture with him and some friends. I find it disappointing how people drift away (spotlight on myself), but Rob had a good point when he said

"the thing about grief and disappointment is that it brings people together,"

Lance was a wonderful individual, who similar to others that we truly mourn, his time came too soon. Leaving a lapse of a life that we blinked and were behind wondering where that wonderful life was, and why it ceases to stand before us. Personally I had the privilege to photograph him while playing piano for Jefferson Idol. He even read this blog and requested our thoughts on homosexuality and how things work with Him (being Jesus).

Although I cannot find enough words to describe him, he had a way with the keys and with people. As far as homosexuality goes with God and things. Matt Chandler said it best when he said

"Changed hearts lead to changed lives."

I think anyone struggling with any sin should hear about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If I were to throw that in a very very "message" like nutshell it would be "we've all sinned, God sent His only Son so that all that sin didn't matter and we can live free lives in Christ" (it's very condensed, theology critics have at it).

If I have a hope, it's that Lance's story will continue to be told, that it will continue to take hold in our hearts and minds.