100th post

Wow. We've got 100 posts. I just saw that as I started to write this. Impressive.

I won't lie, it has been rocky at times through this but I hope we still have some of you here on this blog. We love you all through it all.

A couple things that I would like to write. Some may call it a compound entry.

While I was in the Nerf gun aisle at Target last night, two kids came up next to me looking at something totally different. They were probably 6 and 7 or somewhere close to that. The younger one said to the older one, "Anthony! Look! Look!" The older kid replied, "Why would I care about that?" "Because it's cool!" The younger one replied. I can only assume they were brothers and hearing that kinda tugged at my heart because the older bro was so harsh to his little brother that looked up to him. So I want to apologize to my bro because I know I was like that growing up. You're the man. Sorry bro.

2nd on the agenda, I'm totally psyched for Tenth Avenue North to come to Northwestern on September 3rd. That's going to be amazing.

Finally, I want to thank everybody that is praying for me while I'm at college, I've really started to feel them and I've really appreciated thinking about you while here in my dorm room. It's normally before I go to bed that those thoughts seep into my mind. So, thank you so much.